Hello World.

Good morning!

Since this is the very first post here on A Life’s Design, I’d like to just inform you of a couple things about this blog and myself.

  1. I’ve started a couple blogs before this one (mandatory in a graduate class or two), but I did not keep them going. Why? Because I was not passionate about their focus. I cared about it, but didn’t get that fired up, can’t hold it in, forcing new insights sort of feeling. This blog: I’m excited and eager about. I’m determined that this one lives.
  2. I will be linking or copying the content from my previous blogs onto this one so that you can still get the info from those posts (mainly about educational norms and letting high school kids and their parents know how to successfully enter–and stay in–college).
  3. I love to write and do many different types of writing. I will be uploading samples of my work onto subpages under the “About.” page. I’m always looking for editing and writing positions, so please feel free to contact me if you have a job that needs to be done!
  4. I’m a full-time teacher, and so I’m currently on summer break (Wahoo!). Therefore, I will be ideally posting every weekday for the remainder of the summer and will probably cut back to once or twice per week come August and the return to work.

That’s it for this one! Please subscribe below so that you get my next post (probably later today) that will actually have some insight and (hopefully) entertainment for you.


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