For When We Get Lazy.

This summer was the first summer in ten years that I did not have a job to report to. I decided it was time to take a step forward and use my time during these months to build a foundation for my passion of writing. This has been a tricky thing as I’ve realized laziness is incredibly easy.

During this past weekend, I had the house all to myself (and all of my girlfriends were out of town). I had a few things going on: a family get-together, a date with my boyfriend at the local rock-climbing gym. However, I found it ridiculously easy to sit around and not do a thing. And by the end of the weekend, I can confidently say that I was not in a very good spot. I was bored, unmotivated, and completely willing to continue sitting on the couch in a bad mood, being entirely unproductive.

Then my roommate/friends got back from their weekend getaway. Over the next couple of hours, my mood turned around as we shared and caught up about our weekends, our struggles, our achievements. I suddenly felt awake, capable, and energized.

The point. Being lazy is easy when you’re not around others who are motivated. However, when you surround yourself with good people doing good things, it becomes easy to not be lazy, and that’s the sweet spot. Some people are truly self-motivated in many or even all aspects, but that’s not me all the time (sometimes it is, but not this weekend obviously). So it takes a support system to keep me on track. And that’s okay.

The challenge. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, encourage you, believe in you, and love you. If you don’t currently have them with you, seek out groups that do the things you love. Seek out a Bible study, a hiking group, a volleyball team, a Pokemon Go group, whatever you’re into. Look on Meetup; there are groups for everything and everyone. And that’s not an exaggeration. Find your people. Find your team. Find your motivation.


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