Back in the Swing of Things.

As the school year is fast approaching, I’ve been spending time setting up my classroom, my teacher website, my lesson plans, and all that other fun stuff. However, I will admit that last weekend, I was wishing I had just a few more weeks before going back.

Now that I’m actually delving into the heart of my preparations though, I am excited for a new year, new students, new opportunities, but I also relish in the familiarity of it all. The previous dread of going back to work has turned into joy sprinkled with a little anxiousness. While many of you may not be teachers, I think there is something to be learned here about “getting back into the swing” of anything, not just teaching.

The PointAs I reflect on my emotional journey from this week, I am reminded of when I decided to start going to the gym regularly again and when I decided to write regularly again and even when I began making my bed regularly again. No matter the size of the act, starting something again takes some self-motivation and a firm decision to make that thing a regular and enjoyable part of your life. Once you start it, though, if your experiences are anything like mine, I think the motivation gains momentum and becomes self-perpetuating–for the most part (there will always be an occasional day where you have to really push yourself to stick with it). But, again, no matter the size of the act, I find purpose in it.

Going to the gym makes me physically and emotionally feel better as it helps me release stress and keeps me healthy. Writing is an emotional release. I think more clearly when I write, so it helps me figure out what the heck is going on in my head and my heart. It also provides an outlet for the ideas I need to shout to the world. Making my bed, even that, gives me clarity. It makes me feel organized, put-together, capable.

The Challenge. Find something you used to do that you kind of wish you still did. I know I’m typically more reflective and analytical than most, so some might have to dig a little deep for this next part, but I encourage you to seek purpose as you restart this thing in your life (even if its just making your bed everyday). Find its benefits, the joy it brings you, or the clarity, or the peace. Find again the reason you miss it being a part of your life.


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