I am an Overthinker.

Yes. Terribly so. While this sometimes proves useful (keeps me from getting into some troubling situations), I would say that it presents an equal amount of difficulties for me in my adventures and relationships. I over-analyze everything. And, well, nothing is perfect, which means that overthinking highlights those flaws for me. Every. Stinking. Time.

And if I’m being completely honest, I think it’s gotten worse since being engaged. Being the biggest decision of my life, I am overthinking and over-analyzing more than ever because I want so badly to make sure that each decision is the right decision for my fiance and me and that it is God’s will for our lives.

I’d like to pause and give a little shout-out here. I have been incredibly lucky to find a man who is patient, understanding, loving, and kind. He sticks with me, listens patiently, and talks with me until my thoughts are clear (I think better when I talk or write). Even if I try to end the conversation early, claiming I’m okay now, he pushes to make sure that I actually am (and it always amazes me how he can tell when I’m just the slightest bit off).

The point. Overthinking is my strength and my flaw. But finding people who appreciate that part of me and can lift me up when I start to not like that part of myself has made a big difference. However, when the overthinking presents problems in my life, the main solution is in the Lord. As I am in the midst of over-analyzing, God brought a perfectly-timed and poignant sermon to me this weekend at church (it’s part 2 in the series). I highly encourage you take a listen if this is something you struggle with in your life.

Trust in the Lord and his known will for your life, and He will guide you.


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