On Death’s Sting.

I have been a teacher for the last six years, and in those years, I have experienced far too many deaths of teenagers. They are not always my students, but they always affect my students and community, whom I love, care for, even admire. These kids are stronger than many give them credit for. They are more compassionate than often expected. They feel more than they let on.

Today, we lost another one of our young, promising kids. Today is a tough day. But we are a family–all of us: the human race. It is in times of tragedy that we see this the most.

Today I sit with the family of my school. We aren’t standing; we are sitting, weeping, hugging, finding our strength in each other’s arms. We take this day to pause with one another. Tomorrow, we will help each other to stand and move forward, always remembering, but still continuing on.

Every day, let us remember that we are all a family. That we have the ability, the power, the responsibility to love and support one another. If we remember this, then maybe we will begin to see a little less tragedy.

To all of my family in Christ, throughout the world, let us be the brothers and sisters He created us to be.


With love,



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