Small Victories are Sometimes the Biggest.

Yesterday I finally finished hanging up all of my clothes in our new house (it only took me three weeks).

I also folded up all of the tarps I was using to paint the living room and kitchen (with the help of my fiance–those things are too big to be folded by just one person). Keep in mind I’ve been done painting for four days, and they’ve just been piled up, taking up a whole dining area of floor space. I guess they were a good playground for the kitten though.

Today one kid (out of my 134) told me that I’m a good teacher.

These are small things when compared to the million projects to be done, the entire house of messiness, and the other 133 students to be reached. However, these small victories are what keep me going. Without them, I think the days would be longer, the stress would be heavier, the fatigue would be greater, and the motivation would be smaller.

The point. It’s so easy to overlook the small victories in life, whether it’s getting your kid to eat a few bites or sleep for a few hours or getting to the gym even just one or two days this week or maybe calling up just one friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while even though there are 10 you miss. Whatever it might be, don’t devalue it. Give it (and yourself) the recognition it deserves. You did that, you achieved that,  you conquered that. And in the craziness that is this life, that’s a job well done.

The challenge. Now I’m not saying that it’s okay to be lazy or only do a little when you could do a lot more. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t get yourself down or feel guilty when you just can’t seem to get where you want to be despite all your best efforts. Do the best you can with what you have. Let the small victories be your motivation. Let them propel you forward to the next small (or big) victory. Recognize them. Value them. Value you and this life you’ve been given.


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