On Settling Down (and not being boring).

So it’s summer, and that means I have some time “off of work” (even though we teachers still do plenty of reading and planning throughout our “off” time). However, it also means I get to do that work while binge watching Netflix! My choice for this summer is Jane the Virgin. It’s not at all what I expected (which is a good thing). It’s cute, cheesey, captivating, relatable (surprisingly, considering the main plot), and includes everything from family matters to mystery to sci-fi to romance. So, on a side note, I’m highly recommending it.

Anyway, I recently watched an episode in which Jane and her new husband (in a minor but poignant scene) prove to one another–and I think to themselves mostly–that settling down and starting a life together has not made them boring. It’s comical and cute, but I think speaks to a real issue that can creep into the heads of those settling down–be it by yourself or with a partner. In the moment that I watched that scene, I immediately felt uplifted, that I too could be “not boring.”

The house, the dog, the timeline for kids–without a doubt, it changes your day-to-day life. There’s so much to do, to take care of, to get done, and (at least for me) that never-ending to-do list can cloud my focus, take me out of the present, and keep me worrying about when and how I will get everything done. It’s overwhelming to say the least (which makes me even more unproductive but that’ll be another post). Don’t get me wrong though–a house, a home, a family, these are wonderful and invaluable aspects of life! They are to be thoroughly embraced, enjoyed, and an adventure in and of themselves. Just don’t forget about stepping out once in a while to explore other corners of the town, or country, or world.

The point. It’s okay that life changes, that less spontaneity may happen, that a routine is formed, and that staying in is sometimes more fun than going out. BUT, don’t let that routine and the ease of staying in keep you from embracing the opportunities that arise (be it within the walls of your home or outside). Don’t let the comfort and love of your home and your partner’s arms or your dog’s tail-wag keep you from meeting new people and trying new things, or even rekindling your love of past hobbies.

The challenge. Keep growing. Keep embracing life. Don’t let the responsibility of a house and a home prevent you from exploring the world on your own or with those you love. Don’t let it prevent you from experiencing new things and putting that to-do list aside every once in a while to have a new adventure. No matter what stage of life you may be in, keep pushing forward with eagerness and intention.

Today, I leave you with a beautiful quote from a poet of our time, Tyler Knott Gregson: “Promise me that you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.”



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