My name is Katy Sutton. I am a teacher, writer, Christian, adventurer, and outdoor-enthusiast. I have been teaching for five years and writing for many more. I love teaching and I love my students, but I don’t always love everything else about teaching. I still find joy and fulfillment in my job and in my daily life despite those continuous frustrations ranging from the political to the personal.

My Purpose. I know not everyone can relate to the frustrationIMG_0840s of teaching, nor necessarily the reward of it, but I hope to generalize my own experiences enough that just about anyone will be able to glean something from my posts about pushing forward through the obstacles and creating a life well-lived, gaining momentum from the simple as well as extraordinary aspects of life.

My Faith. I have grown up as a Christian (thanks to my wonderful, supportive, and guiding parents). When I went to college, I truly assessed my faith and decided what it is that I believe and why I believe it. Since then, I regularly work to strengthen my relationship with God and have an unwavering belief in Him and all that He is. My faith in God and Jesus Christ will come through in some of my posts. If you’d like to discuss faith/my faith journey further, please feel free to contact me or request posts on a specific aspect.

My Writing. I have written primarily poetry in my past, but have more recently gotten into non-fiction accounts of what I see and feel and live. These writings range from researched essays about education and the environment to creative tales of my adventures and the experiences I share with people in my life. I hope you enjoy them and can gain something from reading them, whether it’s simply entertainment or something more profound, such as motivation to reach goals or finding the good in others or maybe even learning one of those harsh truths about the world. Whatever it may be, I hope that it helps you grow.

IMG_0111My Adventures. I am outside as much as I can be (without melting in the oven that is Arizona summers), spending time with family, friends, and boyfriend. I take every opportunity I can to travel and see new places as well as visit favorite destinations (like Colorado). I kayak, hike, rock climb, backpack, camp, and anything else outdoorsy that my friends and boyfriend convince me to do.

My People. I am lucky to have an incredible support system (check out the slideshow below). My boyfriend, family, and friends are amazing; they encourage me, guide me, grow me, and inspire me. With that said, I am also a fairly independent person. I would not be where I am nor who I am without the people in my life, but I also hope to share with you how I help, inspire, and grow myself as an individual.

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